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Fundraiser for Vietnam Living Memorial to be erected in Bayview Park, Key West. Benefit to be held at Mangrove Mamas; mile marker 20 Sugarloaf Key, on Saturday July 19th from 4:00-10:00 PM.


There's No Place In The World Like The Florida Keys

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Awesome Activities in the Florida Keys will be a regular part of our site at If your business offers great events for tourists to experience, call 305 767-2600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn how you can have your awesome events featured here on in audio and video.

What you see in the Florida Keys you will not see anywhere else in the United States. Famous beauty and nature comprised in more than 800 islands, with 127 miles of Overseas Highway to explore. Enjoy this video for a short introduction to the fabulous Florida Keys.


Florida Keys Mile Marker Maps

U.S. Highway 1, the "Overseas Highway", runs over most of the inhabited islands of the Florida Keys. The islands are listed in order from southwest to north. Mile markers are listed for keys that the Overseas Highway runs across or near.

    Dry Tortugas
    Marquesas Keys
    Sunset Key
    Wisteria Island
    Key West (MM 0-4)
    Fleming Key
    Sigsbee Park (off to the north at MM 2¾)
    Stock Island (MM 5)
    Raccoon Key (off to the north at MM 5¼)
    Boca Chica Key (MM 7-8)
    Rockland Key (MM 9)
    East Rockland Key (MM 9½)
    Big Coppitt Key (MM 10)
    Geiger Key (off to the south at MM 10¾)
    Shark Key (off to the north at MM 11¼)
    Saddlebunch Keys (MM 12-16)
    Lower Sugarloaf Key (MM 17)
    Park Key (MM 18)
    Sugarloaf Key (MM 19-20)
    Cudjoe Key (MM 21-23)
    Knockemdown Key
    Summerland Key (MM 24-25)
    Ramrod Key (MM 27)
    Middle Torch Key, Big Torch Key (off to the north at MM 27¾)
    Little Torch Key (MM 28½)
    Big Pine Key (MM 30-32)
    No Name Key
    Scout Key (MM 34-35), formerly known as West Summerland Key
    Bahia Honda Key (MM 37-38)
    Ohio Key (MM 38¾), also known as Sunshine Key
    Missouri Key (MM 39¼)
    Little Duck Key (MM 39¾)
    The Seven Mile Bridge (MM 40-46¾) separates the Lower Keys from the Middle Keys.
    Pigeon Key (off to the north near MM 45; access is at MM 46¾)
    Knights Key (MM 47)
    Vaca Key (MM 48-53)
    Boot Key (off to the south at MM 48; bridge closed)
    Fat Deer Key (MM 53¼-55)
    Shelter Key (off to the south at MM 53¾)
    Long Point Key (MM 56)
    Crawl Key (MM 56½)
    Grassy Key (MM 58-60)
    Duck Key (MM 61)
    Conch Key (MM 62-63)
    The Long Key Bridge (MM 63¼-65¼) separates the Middle Keys from the Upper Keys.
    Long Key (MM 66-70), formerly known as Rattlesnake Key
    Fiesta Key (off to the north at MM 70)
    Craig Key (MM 72)
    Lower Matecumbe Key (MM 74-77)
    Lignumvitae Key
    Indian Key
    Indian Key Fill (MM 79)
    Tea Table (MM 79½)
    Upper Matecumbe Key (MM 80-83)
    Windley Key (MM 85)
    Plantation Key (MM 86-90)
    Key Largo (MM 91-107)
    Cross Key (MM 109-112)

All keys north of Broad Creek are in Biscayne National Park and Miami-Dade County. The following are "true" Florida Keys (exposed ancient coral reefs):

    Old Rhodes Key
    Totten Key
    Reid Key
    Rubicon Keys
    Adams Key
    Elliott Key

The following are "transitional keys", made of exposed ancient reef surrounded by sand.

    Sands Key
    Boca Chita Key
    Ragged Keys
    Soldier Key

Key Biscayne is not one of the Florida Keys, but the first of the Atlantic barrier islands.

How to do the Florida Keys.


Video created and shared by FloridaKeysTV YouTube Channel, a Florida Keys Tourism Development Council Creation.

Learn to dive in the Florida Keys.


Video created and shared by FloridaKeysTV YouTube Channel, a Florida Keys Tourism Development Council Creation.

In the Florida Keys & Key West, the enticing subtropical island chain beneath the southern tip of mainland Florida, visitors can find family-friendly activities from A to Z. Attractions include countless things to see and experience for people of virtually all ages and interests, so families with children can make holidays unforgettable, entertaining and even educational. Join "Miles Marker," the Keys' family travel expert, to discover highlights throughout the fabulous Florida Keys.

Video created and shared by FloridaKeysTV YouTube Channel, a Florida Keys Tourism Development Council Creation.

Almost 70 miles west of Key West lies a cluster of seven islands, composed of coral reefs and sand, called the Dry Tortugas. Along with the surrounding shoals and waters, they make up Dry Tortugas National Park. The area is known for its famous bird and marine life, its legends of pirates and sunken gold, and its military past.

Click the map below for a larger view, link will open in a new window/tab. Click map in new window to see an extra large map of the Florida Keys.

Map of the Florida Keys


By Sanctuaries Web Team of National Ocean Service of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of U.S. Department of Commerce.Nricardo at en.wikipedia [Public domain or Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

I thought I would share a great tune with you, it is "The Florida Keys Song" by Gerd Rube off his album "Livin The Dream, Live In Key West".
He is gracious enough to allow us to embed the entire song on our site. you can buy the album here at the CDBABY website.

Be sure to visit his website to learn Gerd Rube's schedule for 2015, click his logo below.

19 Oct 2012

Key West is an island in the Straits of Florida on the North American continent at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys.The Southernmost City - Key West

Explore a city where real estate titles date back to the Kings of Spain.

Key West is an island in the Straits of Florida on the North American continent at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys. The island is about 90 miles (140 km) from Cuba.

Key West is politically within the limits of the city of Key West, Monroe County, Florida, United States. The city also occupies portions of nearby islands.

The island is about 4 miles (6.4 km) long and 2 miles (3.2 km) wide. In the late 1950s many of the large salt ponds on the eastern side were filled in, nearly doubling the original land mass of the island. The island is 3,370 acres (13.6 km2) in area.

Walk along the palm-lined historical streets and discover gingerbread mansions, tin-roofed conch houses, the John Audubon House and Ernest Hemingway's home.

Walk in the footsteps of Thomas Edison, Lou Gehrig, Harry Truman, and Tennessee Williams.

Marvel at the accomplishment of Henry Flagler, an oil tycoon whose Florida Keys Over-Sea Railroad train made its first journey to Key West on Jan. 12, 1912, literally connecting the previously isolated Florida Keys with the mainland for the first time, forever changing the face of the island chain.

Gaze at the fabled treasure of the galleon Atocha. Discover tomorrow's fine art treasures by Key West's well-known and unknown artists.

Adventurer Ponce de Leon discovered the Florida Keys including the Dry Tortugas in 1513. Today, as the Keys celebrate the 500th anniversary of that momentous event, Keys musician Howard Livingston performs his exuberant song showing why there's still so much "Magic in Key West."

Indulge in cinematic premieres, private film screenings and VIP parties at oceanside hotspots -- while listening to top emerging filmmakers' insights into their creations -- Nov. 13-17 at the second annual Key West Film Festival. Here, Kevin "Dot Com" Brown of "30 Rock" explains why there's no better place for film than America's elite southernmost island.
19 Oct 2012

Big Pine Key is home to the National Key Deer RefugeThe Lower Keys begin where the Florida Keys island chain takes a graceful westerly turn toward the sunset, shortly after the famous Seven Mile Bridge. It is a quiet region of small resorts, down-home restaurants, single-family homes, untrammeled wildernesses and rich history.

Explore the National Key Deer Refuge, a large expanse of mostly undeveloped pine lands where the diminutive Key Deer live, or venture out to No Name Key.

Big Pine Key is home to the National Key Deer Refuge, where the majority of the Key Deer population can be found. As Key deer are endangered, many precautions have been taken to preserve as much Key Deer habitat as possible:

  • Signs are prominently placed along U.S. 1 (the Overseas Highway) to inform drivers that they are entering Key deer habitat, and warning them that feeding Key deer is prohibited
  • Approximately two miles of US 1 on the eastern end of Big Pine Key are elevated and fenced off to allow Key deer to pass under the road
  • The stretch of US 1 in Big Pine Key has a night-time speed limit of 35 miles per hour (as Key deer are most active at night) and the speed limits (45 MPH in the day) are "strictly enforced" according to signage

If you're looking for an off-shore adventure, Big Pine is also the jumping off point for numerous snorkeling and dive charters to Looe Key reef.

Come visit Big Pine & the Lower keys. Like all the Keys, you'll find it's rich in history.

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